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The easiest way to set up your own dating site

Small business

When you understand that the dating industry is in the hands of billionaires, you may be wondering how well your own dating site would do. However, setting up an independent app requires a lot of money. Luckily there are a number of other solutions for small entrepreneurs. The cheapest solution that still allows your own website is the white label solution.

Free white labels to start your own dating site

The Internet offers a number of free dating white labels. One of the most popular of European origin is Dating Factory. Dating Factory was started Apr 02, 2009 as an affiliate program by a group of disgruntled affiliates from other dating programs. These founders felt they were underpaid as an affiliate and their ideal for their own new affiliate program was to maximize profits for the affiliate. Have they succeeded after all these years? They just pay slightly better than their UK competitor, but you also have to consider that most of the work is for the white label provider and not the affiliate. A white label dating program is not much more than a highly specialized affiliate program. The white label provider must also be able to pay its staff from the proceeds. Among them are technicians who cannot be imagined without a well-functioning white label.

Commission paid for your own dating site by Dating Factory

Our white label dating services operate on a revenue sharing basis. No upfront payment is ever requested for building your website, nor are there any other hidden costs. The business model is one that operates on a revenue sharing basis, usually there will be a 50/50 split. In addition to the white label model, you can also earn by promoting top sites. Then you are more of an ordinary affiliate and the commission is also lower. Payment is made on a regular basis.

DF affiliate

Advantages of a white label

– In a minimum of time you can set up your own brand. This means choosing a domain name and buying it (not from Dating Factory, just from a web host entirely at the affiliate’s choice), choosing a niche and a template, uploading your logo.
– Dating Factory has over 50 million members around the world who have all signed up through a white label website like you can build one too. Tens of thousands of newcomers sign up every day for one of the many niches you can choose from when setting up your own dating site. It’s nice for the customers that you introduce yourself that there is already such a large database available and from which they can choose. Adding a new database of members requires an enormous effort and money and this has already been done for you here.
– The white label is based on an advanced technology. Its development and maintenance requires a lot of financial and intellectual resources, not to mention time. This is all done for you, so that your website can run at full speed.
– Powerful strategies to increase revenue. Use the unconquered geographies and niches. We have x niches each with a set of templates, 22 languages and valuable experience to lead you in a changing global market.
– You can completely customize the templates to your own taste. Such as: upload your own photo self-made or purchased photos and make adjustments via CSS.
– In-depth reporting and analysis. We believe that statistics and transparent figures are the key to a reliable partnership. You can find everything on our statistics and with some effort you should be able to understand all the traffic on your site and even predict it after a while.
– Multilingual support to get you back on track if you’re stuck.

DF affiliate

The niches

Adult React

General Adult React

Adult Responsive

General Adult responsive

Casual responsive

General casual responsive


General adult
BBW/BHM adult
Swingers & Threesomes
Nudist dating
Anal lovers

Gay Adult

Gay adult for men


General dating
Senior dating
Single parents
Disabled dating
Christian dating
BBW/BHM dating
Vegetarian dating
Dating and sports
Divorced singles
Professional singles
Asian dating
Black dating
Indian matrimonial
Pet lovers dating
Geek dating
Interracial dating
Hispanic dating


General casual
Cougar dating
Extramarital affairs


General free

Gay Dating

Gay dating for men
Lesbian dating

DF affiliate

Let’s get started!

A White Label solution saves you time and money, allowing you to concentrate more on your core competence: generating dating traffic. Setting up your own site is done in 3 easy steps:

1. Register your own dating site
Have your domain ready and sign up with your basic information.

2. Choose a niche for your own dating site
Choose whatever niche you feel at home in.

3. Brand and launch your own dating site
All members are real. The process of reliable conversion has been perfected, without short-term gimmicks.

Make your own dating site perfect and update it regularly. Only then will you get the most out of your marketing.

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