What’s going on in Brussels at Midi Station?


The South station in Brussels was the scene of enormous chaos yesterday. Thousands of travelers tried to take a train to the coast to enjoy the nice weather after a gloomy summer. The corona measures were ignored en masse, causing long queues and congestion. The police had to intervene to restore order.
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How come it is suddenly so hot in Belgium? This has everything to do with the air pressure distribution above Europe. There is currently a high pressure area over the east of the continent, bringing warm and dry air from Africa. At the same time, there is a low-pressure area above the Atlantic Ocean, which brings cool and moist air from the ocean. Between these two pressure areas, Belgium is caught in a southerly air current, which causes tropical temperatures.

This situation will continue for a few more days, meaning the heat wave is not over yet. It is recommended to drink plenty of water, seek shade and apply sunscreen. If you want to go to the coast, avoid public transport and opt for alternative means of transport, such as bicycle or car. This way you can enjoy the beach safely and peacefully.


Own observation during Midi market shopping – KMI

Row Midi Station

Row Midi Station

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