Why a course about narcissisme?


Narcissism has become a strong mental health issue over time. The concept has changed a lot over the years. Many people have relationships with people who score high in narcissistic traits. Or with people who can be diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder. The topic is so important in the modern relationship world because these types of relationships affect our mental health.

Structure of the course – linear progression

1. Signs of narcissism that you need to support when dating someone or when you leave someone to the point where you can claim your happy place in that relationship. Choose to do this or separate from it. Do what suits you best, choose the most healing way possible to achieve or pursue something.

2. You are a coach or a therapist who works with people who have a narcissistic personality disorder or who are in a relationship with Narcissist and want to know more about the dynamics of this relationship, how you can help those people, how you can make their lives better for them improve, whether they will stay in the relationship or whether they will divorce it.

3. This course contains several resources in the form of additional DFS. Where I have put some material from the course there are recommended books, literature and some useful links to useful websites, useless articles on the subject. You’ll find them in the resources section of this course.

4. At the end of the course you will find a final test or quiz that substantiates the information provided here so that you can further benefit from your understanding of this subject.

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